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Variations on a Theme by Massimo Magee

A contemporary novel containing 122 tracks of audio in QR code along with the author’s art. A total immersive experience when used with a QR code reader and earphones.

Author: Massimo Magee, Publisher: Eleusinian Press, Format: Hardcover

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Toilets of the Wild Frontier of Graham Askey

A celebrtion of the wonder and beauty of the humble toilet. Different cultures all over the globe have evolved a myriad of ways to consecrate the process of going to the toilet into unique structural forms, each born from an intimate relationship between its people, history and environment. What better way to glorify these wonderful traditions than a competition, pitting notable examples from around the world against each other, judged by leading experts in the field?

From the freezing mountains of Tajikistan to the steaming jungles of Indonesia, to the bustling cities of China and the tranquil villages of rural Africa, people have invested their hearts and souls into masterpieces of toiletry expression. Join us in paying homage to their glorious efforts and once again let the act of going to the toilet regain its rightful spiritual place as a rite of pilgrimage not simple dull routine.

Author: Graham Askey, Publisher: Eleusinian Press, Format: Hardcover

Eleusinian Press

A publishing house specializing in music and mental health!

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Mick Jones – Stayin’ in Tune: The Unofficial Biography – by Mick O’Shea

Mick Jones – Stayin’ in Tune: The Unofficial Biography – by Mick O’Shea
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Author: Mick O’Shea, Publisher: Eleusinian Press, Format: Paperback

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Lost In The Vaults by Daniel Spicer

Lost In the Vaults by Daniel Spicer (author of The Turkish Psychedelic Explosion: Anadolu Psych 1965-1980) is the collected columns of the same name Daniel wrote for Jazzwise Magazine between 2006 and 2019. These columns were a review of around 150 words of various lost and forgotten jazz LP gems.

Author: Daniel Spicer, Publisher: Eleusinian Press, Format: Hardcover and Paperback

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